In the following paragraphs I will reveal my most intimate details about my family and if you buy that then I have this certain bridge on which I can get you a really satisfying deal.

    As per most "normal" (whomever they could be) people, I have two families as well.  My first family consisted of the usual Mother, Father, Aunts, Uncles, Grams, and Gramps, but what was unique was that I have four brothers and no sisters.  My poor mother was a stay at home mom while my father worked as a carpenter.  He primarily built custom houses in and around Everett WA, but worked on many different projects depending on the contractor he was working with for that particular time.  In my teen summer years, my brothers and I would get to help on some job sites mainly cleaning up or digging ditches around the building.  I think this had more to do with the fact that we worked cheaper than a back hoe, rather than the argument that we were providing a critical service to the construction or whatever dad was building.  Mom worked harder because is was her job to keep us in toe, line, or whatever without being removed for child abuse.  My question is can you be charged with child abuse if you pummel your older brother?

    My second family began in 1976 after meeting the woman of my dreams.  I was in the U.S. Navy and she had graduated from Wazzu.  We married and moved to Castro Valley, CA (east San Francisco Bay area).  In December I was assigned to Brook Army Medical Center Physical/Occupational Therapy School and we lived in San Antonio TX for seven months.  Upon graduation we moved back to the bay area and lived in Hayward, CA and at the end of 1979 our first joy was introduced to the world in the form of Jeffrey.  My enlistment ended in January 1980 and the three of us moved back to Washington.  Four years later Jeff's little brother, Christopher was born.  Soon after the four of us moved to Pullman for graduate school.  Interesting that what had started earlier would continue twenty years later.  Upon graduation we moved back to Tacoma to look for a position in elementary school for Sharon and community college education for me.  Sharon was initially successful and found a position with Highline School District and we moved to Federal Way, WA.  about a year later I found a position at the University of Washington doing electron microscopy and life settled down for a time with me also beginning to teach evening classes at various community college campuses nearby (think TCC, GRCC, or HCC).  Our daughter Jennifer, was born in 1988 to make the family a fivesome.  Interesting dynamics in raising a girl from only knowing males as either siblings or offspring.  Jeff has since married and he and his wife have delivered three wonderful grandsons.  Sharon has three grandsons, but I'm more like an older uncle rather than a grandpa (still adjusting).  Chris is also married and just recently he and his wife had a daughter (I'm feeling more like a grandpa).  Jen has graduated from high school and will be attending Central Washington University this fall.

    So I guess you really have three families.  Your birth family, your giving birth family, and your giving birth family giving birth family (grandkids).  It's interesting that Mufasa never addressed this issue in Lion King, because this might be the most fun family of them all.  Now baby sitting doesn't mean your are bossed by your big brother nor do you have to worry if your are doing the right thing by your offspring, and you can sit back and just call when things are going your way ("Hey come get your children, cause I want to play golf") kind of attitude.