8/10/2015 - Congratulations to Level 4 Graduates - Summer 2015

You did it!  You survived level 4 in the summer!  Congratulations everyone.  I hope you guys have a great summer break.  Travel safely, and come back rested and relaxed.  It was a hard but rewarding 8 weeks.  I feel like we have been together for a whole year.  Please stay in touch and GOOD LUCK in the future!

3/19/2015 - Congratulations to Sam's Class Graduates - Winter 2015

Another term of level 4A has come and gone!  I had two great classes filled with joyful personalities.  I really appreciated all the humor, patience, and flexibility that my classes cultivated throughout the term.  I really enjoyed the company of some remarkable individuals people in the last couple month, and I know that you can all go on to do great things with your lives.  Congratulations on surviving the Winter 2015 term, and best of luck in the future!  Remember to stay in touch, too!

1/6/15 - Winter 2015 is here at last!

Yesterday was the first day of the new term, and it looks like I am working with another great group of students.  Our class represents 7 countries, which is going to be great practice for our cross-cultural communication.  I'm sure we will all do our best to make this a successful term for everyone.  Let's get started!

12/12/14 - New Sam's Class Graduates - Fall 2014

To my Level 4A classes of Fall term, 2014, Congratulations! You have survived a long and challenging term. It has been a privilege to work with you these last few months.
For those of you who are moving on to level 5: well done. You worked very hard this term to get where you are. Good luck and keep working hard! You are getting very close to academics!
For those of you going to 4B, I strongly feel that the 4B section is one of the best things about our program here in the IESL. You won’t be doing the same things all over again. Instead, you will be working with your teachers very closely to master those skills that you still need to work on. I’m sure you will be very successful. Work hard!
For the academic bridge students, congratulations on being accepted, but now the real work begins! The Academic bridge class you take may very well be one of the best college class experiences you ever have. Make the most of it!
To those of you who are moving on to other schools or going directly to academic classes after this term, it was an honor to work with you and I know that if you put your minds to it, you will be very successful.
Lastly, to everyone, please stay in touch. If I can help you in the future, I will. Send me a message in a year or so and let me know how and what you are doing!