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Spanish Movie Titles

Extra Credit for Fleites-Lear/Fernández Mommer

You can earn extra-credit by watching any of these videos and writing about them in Spanish. Your writing has to reflect your knowledge of what happens, but also your opinions about the subjects discussed by the movie and a summary of what you learned about the Hispanic world from these movies.  Depending on how much and the content of your writing, you can earn from 5 to 20 extra credit points. Each film is worth 5 pts. each for Fernández Mommer according to the extra credit agreement upon submission of a half to one page reaction to the film.

VT = videotape 

ILUO = In Library Use Only

Over = overnight

1.     …and the Earth did not Swallow Him (VT-2day)

2.     Acosada (DVD- ILUO)

3.     Andalusian Epic: Islamic Spain, The

      (VT- ILUO)

4.     Battle of Chile: parts I, II, and III, The (VT- ILUO)

5.     Cabeza de Vaca (2hr, 1dy,2dy)

6.     Camila (3DVD-(1)ILUO,(2)overnight)

7.     Cautiva (3DVD-(1)ILUO,(2)overnight)

8.     Central Station  (3DVD-(1)ILUO,(2)overnight)

9.     Chiapas: The Inside Story (VT- ILUO)

10.                        Conquistadors (VT- ILUO)

11.                        Cuba Feliz (VT- ILUO)

12.                        Death and the Maiden (3DVD-(1)ILUO,(2)overnight)

13.                        Death of a Bureaucrat (VT-2day)

14.                        El Norte (DVD-ILUO)

15.                        Ernesto Che Guevara(VT-ILUO)

16.                        Evita (2DVDs-ILUO, over)

17.                        Exterminating Angel, The (VT-2day)

18.                        Fidel (DVD-ILUO)

19.                        Hour of the Star (VT-2day)

20.                        I Don’t Want to Talk About It


21.                        I, the Worst of All(2DVDs over,VT-ILUO)

22.                        Iluminados por el Fuego (Blessed by Fire) (DVD-ILUO)

23.                        Improper Conduct (VT-2day)

24.                        Last Supper, The (3 VT-2over,ILUO)

25.                        Magical Realism (DVD-ILUO)

26.                        Man Facing Southeast (VT-2day)

27.                        Maya: Temples, Tombs and Time, The (VT-ILUO)

28.                        Memories of Underdevelopment

      (3 VT-2over, ILUO)

29.                        Men with Guns (3DVD-(1)ILUO,(2)overnight)

30.                        Missing (DVD-ILUO)

31.                        Nicaragua: From Red to Violet


32.                        Official Story, The(3DVD-(1)ILUO,(2)overnight)

33.                        Opera do Malandro(VT-ILUO)

34.                        Pixote (3DVD-(1)ILUO,(2)overnight)

35.                        Reed: Insurgent Mexico (VT-ILUO)

36.                        Salvador (DVD-2day)

37.                        Strawberry and Chocolate (3DVD-(1)ILUO,(2)overnight)

38.                        Talk to Her (VT-2day)

39.                        Tango Bar (VT-ILUO)

40.                        Time for Revenge (VT-2day)

41.                        Velorution: One City’s Solution to the Automobile (VT-2day)

42.                        Waiting for the Messiah (VT-2Day)

43.                        Walker (3 VT-2over, ILUO)

44.                        Zoot Suit (VT-2day)