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The Water/Wastewater Training programs at GRCC are currently under transition.

If you are a current Water/Wastewater student, please contact Paul Mueller by e-mail or call 253-833-9111, ext. 2635. Paul’s office is located on Green River's Main Campus in the Career and Advising Center (Lindbloom Student Center, Room LC-126).

If you are interested in starting Water/Wastewater training at Green River, please see www.wetrc.org for more information.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Rebecca Rhodes, Assistant Dean of Technology by e-mail or call 253-288-3325. Dr. Rhodes is located on Green River's Main Campus in the SMT Building (Room SMT-125).

The Water Supply Technology and Wastewater Technology Programs prepare students for entry-level employment as water supply or wastewater technicians. As a Water Treatment Operator you will operate and maintain drinking water purification plants. Water Distribution Technicians are responsible for maintaining the pipeline, pump stations, and water towers used to distribute potable water to where it is used by the public, by industry and for fire fighting. Municipal Wastewater Treatment Technicians operate and maintain wastewater treatment plants purifying the wastewater so the water may be returned to the environment safe for plants and animals. Wastewater Collection Technologists maintain the pipelines, pump stations that collect the wastewater.