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WTECH 183 Utility Worker Safety

Course Description
Safety concerns for water and wastewater utilities including:  confined space entry, underground utility location, excavation safety, hazardous energy control (lockout/tag out) and the chemical hazard communication standard.  Personal protective equipment, hearing conservation and fall protection are also included
.  (3 credits)

Learning Objectives
Course Content Learning Outcomes – Students will demonstrate proficiency with these components of the course content:
Ability to identify common potential safety hazards and recognize typical unsafe work conditions found in water and wastewater utilities.
    2.  Ability to identify applicable safety regulations and standards.
    3.  Knowledge of safety procedures typically employed in water and wastewater
Course content learning outcomes will be demonstrated by assignments and summary tests.

Campus-Wide Learning Outcomes:  ResponsibilityStudents will demonstrate proficiency in understanding the importance of, and developing a commitment to responsibilities which will enable them to work independently by doing the following:
    1.  Taking responsibility for their own learning.
    2.  Working on class materials regularly.
    3.  Submitting course materials in accordance with the course schedule.
Campus-wide learning outcomes will be demonstrated by assignments and summary tests.

Textbook Information
No text is required for this course; subject matter is available online and is referenced in each assignment.

Taking Tests
Be sure to review information about testing; click on the Taking Tests link at top of page.

Academic Honesty
Academic honesty is required at all times.  Anyone caught cheating will receive no credit for the particular test/assignment and the student will be referred to the Dean of Students for discipline.  Plagiarism, which is a form of cheating, is representing another’s work as your own.

  Activity Points
  Assignments (seven at 25 points each) 175
  Summary Tests (three at 75 points each) 225
  Total Points Possible 400

Grades will be awarded as follows:

Points Grade Points Grade Points Grade Points  Grade Points Grade Points Grade
396-400 4.0 360-363 3.5 340-343 3.0 320-323 2.5 300-303 2.0 280-283 1.5
388-395 3.9 356-359 3.4 336-339 2.9 316-319 2.4 296-299 1.9 0-279 0.0
380-387 3.8 352-355 3.3 332-335 2.8 312-315 2.3 292-295 1.8    
372-379 3.7 348-351 3.2 328-331 2.7 308-311 2.2 288-291 1.7    
364-371 3.6 344-347 3.1 324-327 2.6 304-307 2.1 284-287 1.6    

Students have the option to receive a pass/non-credit grade.  To exercise this option, students must submit a Pass/Non-Credit Petition Request to the GRCC Enrollment Services office no later than the end of the eighth week of the quarter (Summer Quarter dates vary). 

Schedule/Late Policy
Be sure to review and follow due dates for submitting course assignments and taking tests; click on the Schedule link at top of page for due dates.  Assignments will be accepted any time prior to their due date but will not be accepted after midnight on the day they are due. Summary Tests may be taken any time prior to their due date but cannot be taken after their due date. 

Instructor Information
Name:          Mary Jo Adams
Office:          Science, Math and Technology (SMT) Building, Room 319
Address:      Green River Community College, 12401 SE 320th Street, Auburn, Washington  98092-3699
Telephone:   (253) 833-9111, x 4367

Americans With Disabilities Act
If you need course adaptations or special accommodations because of a disability, please contact Disability Support Services.

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