Seattle WA

I live in Seattle WA with my wife, two daughters. After my wife finished her Civil Engineering Ph.D. at UW, she has researched at UW. For easy commute of my wife, we live in Seattle area.

My daughter, Christina J. Suk, loves any outside activities, such as camping, swimming, hiking, biking, walking, soccer and so on. And so do I. Nowadays, she enjoys playing a piano, a flute, a soccer and reading any non-scary books. 

My only second daughter, Claire Y. Suk, is ready to go to a kindergarten! She is more active than her sister is. Also, she always follows whatever her older sister was doing.

My wife, Se-Yeun Lee, is working hard and taking care of our daughters well. I think she is a real superwoman. She can do anything! I really thank her for everything she can do for our family.