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Biology 211  


Biology 100    


Chemistry 161


Chemistry 162  


Chemistry 163  


Why you need to understand science (video)


Summer Research Internships

Careers in Chemistry


Careers in Biology (1)


Careers in Biology (2)


Biology 194


The Guitar Corner Interested in playing the guitar and jamming with other people that enjoy music? Then this page is for you! Guitar Jokes


Pre-Professional Resource Center

Contains links to Web Sites with valuable information for students interested in careers in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine or simply those that wish to transfer to a four-year college or  university. These sites will be invaluable in planning  the classes you need to take, the application process, and the various requirements involved in gaining admission to a professional school or 4-year college.






Science Jokes


The Parent's Corner: Doing science with your kids

Cool Science for Curious Kids (K-4).... If you have kids or know some kids and want to turn them on to science, introduce them to this site produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.


Helping Your Children Learn Science This on-line book provides examples of a few simple activities we can do with our children. It is an introduction to the wealth of material in many other books available in libraries and bookstores. It might also inspire us to make up our own experiments to see why and how things turn out the way they do.


POGIL Conference


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