What do physicists do?

Besides studying physics that is...Where do they work? How do they pay their bills? How much money do they make in a year?

These are some links we used in exploring  what a physics major might look forward to in terms of career options, degrees and jobs as part of advising day. The links by themselves will provide a lot of information if you explore them patiently. We also had lots of stories, anecdotes, experiences, examples and advice shared by physics faculty members. That part is difficult to document here. If there is demand we may have one of these sessions again next quarter. If you have further questions, fell free to contact Chitra Solomonson, Keith Clay or Ajay Narayanan. Our contact information can be found at: http://www.instruction.greenriver.edu/physics/faculty.htm

Careers Using Physics

The vast majority of physicists do not teach or do research in a traditional sense at a University or a government funded research institution. So where do they end up? Explore the links on the following page to find out more...

Jobs in Physics

Get a sampler of some currently available jobs at the following links.

http://www.physicstoday.org/jobs/  Explore the links in multiple ways.

Employers in the government sector
Army / Navy / Air Force / NASA / FBI / NSA. I don't have links but you can use google or other search tools to find out more. I would be glad to add any links you want to contribute.

Private Sector
Here is a search engine hit from Google. Again this will be updated, but you can get similar information at sites like Monster.com

Some large employers in the private sector include: Intel, IBM, Boeing, Microsoft, Motorola, HP etc.

Who is hiring Physicists - information by State

More Information

The Statistical research wing of the American Institute of Physics has a ton of interesting material: