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Math 62 Distance Education Class

Welcome to Arithmetic!  This course will cover many topics including fractions, decimals, percentages, proportions, and unit analysis. 

This is an online course with support available on campus.  Contact with me is through voice and/or email, or by attending on-campus office hours.

This course is taught via a computer learning program called Hawkes Learning.  All lessons, assignments, and most tests are completed online.  If you do not have access to the internet, this is likely not the best class for you.

There is NO on site orientation for Spring 2018.  Rather, orientation videos are posted in CANVAS.  The Power Point Presentation from previous quarters may also be helpful:

     Orientation Power Point       Orientation Slides in PDF format

This class utilizes the courseware from Hawkes Learning Systems.  This courseware should be purchased early and brought to an orientation session!  Options for purchasing the courseware (software) are listed on the following attachment:  Software Options

Course Information: 
* Here is the course information packet:  Math 62DE Syllabus
   *Calendar of Test Deadlines:  Math 62 Spring 2018 Calendar
   *The Course ID is GRCCDEV

Study Skills Assignments:
A portion of your grade will be based on completion of four study skills assignments.  The assignments will be due on days posted on the course calendar.  Click here for details on the assignments.