This course will cover the basic building blocks of effective writing -- unity, support, and coherence. By beginning with the paragraph and moving to a final essay, you will become a more critical reader through interpreting, summarizing, and responding to short academic essays. Finally, the basic components of grammar will be reviewed to help you write clear and engaging sentences, paragraphs, and essays.
                                               COURSE OUTCOMES
*Improve written communication skills by writing, revising, and editing written assignments to illustrate improved style and content. Demonstrated by writing and revising a collection of different types of paragraphs and a narrative essay.
*Learn how to give and take constructive criticism of a writing in progress. Demonstrated by peer response letters, group conferences on one essay, other peer response activities assigned in class.
*Use reading and interpretation skills as a springboard to writing.
Demonstrated by close reading and identification of rhetorical analysis in essays, written journal responses to essays, and class discussion on themes in the essays assigned.
*Review sentence structure, mechanics, punctuation, and spelling.
Demonstrated by grammar quizzes, overhead work with student drafts, and grammar homework assignments.