Welcome to my website. “You are making a commitment to an important relationship by registering for one of my classes. To get my point across, I use Rick’s words from the classic film, “Casablanca”: ”Louie, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship. My hope , as your teacher, is that the relationship formed with writing lasts a lifetime, one that you nurture. Hopefully this relationship will be intimate, honest, transformative, and ultimately gratifying. You will be taken to places deep within yourselves and upward in your public lives.
I was born into a military family at Tyndall AFB, Panama City, FL. My siblings include two older sisters. Because my dad was a pilot in the Air Force and had various assignments around the world, my family and I lived in several locations: Panama City, FL, Wiesbaden, Germany, San Antonio, TX, St. Pete, Fl. where I received my High School diploma.
FSU, Tallahasse, FL: BA Hotel/Restaurant Administration
            Colorado, WA, TX: managed restaurants
            San Diego, CA: Marketed/sold greeting cards
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN: Masters in English            
I play hard, work hard, and have a real life, including a sweet dog named Shiner who has tons of personality.
I see the good qualities in the U.S., but don’t hesitate to comment and speak out about her bad qualities. You are the positive change agents who will make the U.S. live up to her ideals set out by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. You will find truth, speak out about injustices, write about them, move millions with your words and your pen. I am here to help you build your critical thinking and writing skills so you can be these positive change agents in making our great country better. I believe in the saying: “Give me a fish, you feed me for a day; teach me to fish, you feed me for a lifetime.” The challenge now is presented to you: be committed to learning the writing process so you can feed yourself for a lifetime. Extend the effort of your writing to become a self-actualized, independent, great communicator who determines his/her destiny and the destiny of the U.S.