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Labs Activities for Fall 2013

Link to the Lab Notebook Policy and Lab Report Format Guidelines for Chem 161

Link to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).  Look here for hazards associated with specific chemicals.  Also includes many physical constants (density, MW, etc.)

Lab Technique Videos

  1. How to Use an Analytical Balance

  2. How to Use a Top-loading Balance

  3. How to Use a Bunsen Burner

  4. How to Use a Volumetric Pipette

  5. How to Set up a Burette

  6. How to Perform a Chemical Titration

  7. How to Make a Standard Solution from a Solid

  1. How to Make a Standard Solution from a Stock Solution

  2. How to Use a Serological Pipette

  3. How to Use a UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

  4. How to Make a Concentration Cell

  5. How to Zero and Read a Mercury Barometer

  6. How to use a variety of chem lab equipment

All videos are a copyright protected by the DVAction project,, and are used with permission.

Chem 161 Lab Handouts (Unless Stated otherwise, the following are Adobe .pdf Documents)

Lab 1. How Can the Density of a Substance be Determined Accurately and Precisely?

Lab 2: The Density of a Liquid Mixture                    Lab Technique Video: How to Use an Analytical Balance

Fall 2013 Class Data:    Section D      

Microsoft Office Excel Tutorials

You might find the following tutorials useful if you have little experience Excel.


Excel tutorials for Office 2007 UsersGetting Started; How to make a chart (graph);   Performing CalculationsFormatting a Worksheet; Modifying a Worksheet;   Sort and Filter;   Excel tutorial Table of Contents


Excel tutorials for Office 1997-2003 Users How to make a line graph with Excel (html webpage);   Introduction to Excel (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file);  Excel Basics  (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file)

Lab 3:  Analysis of Hydrated Sulfate Salts          

Lab 4: Reaction of Hydrogen Peroxide with Bleach                    student excel

Lab 5: The Nine Solution Problem

Lab 6. Comrades, Start Your Airbags  

Lab 7: Analysis of Hard Water

Lab 8: Determination of the Gas Law Constant  

Lab 9: Hess's Law   (the last Lab of the quarter )          Class Data for Section D, Fall 2013



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