Geology 206: Earth History

This class will be taught again Spring Quarter 2013,

In the meantime, you can examine the links below to see what kind of assingments you'll need to complete if you take this class



Syllabus - Class Logistics

Syllabus Review

Class Schedule -


Poster Project Instructions

Example of Poster Evaulation Form


Lecture and Lab Handouts:

Links for Vertebrate Lab

Introduction to the Deuterostomia (Vertebrates and their relatives)

    Early (jawless) Fish: The Agnatha

        JAWS! (Gnathostomes)

        Armored Fish (Placoderms)        

        Megalodon - Giant Sharks!

        Ray-finned fish vs. Lobe-finned fish

The Transition to Land

The Diapsida vs Synapsida

Useful web links

Information on Common Minerals

Official Geologic Time Scale (from the Geological Society of America)

The Snowball Earth Hypothesis